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File: lost.gif (60.2 KB, 400x611) ImgOpsiqdb

60.2 KB


How do i quit porn? I am lost, I feel so bad, I am a walking dead person, 24/7 brainfog, no will for nothing because of this damn dopamine button called masturbation.
I fell on this loophole because of all the happenings of 2020, I lost my GF, the worst way possible, failed my course, and almost failing my damn college, I even used to make calisthenics, I was a good stable person, Now I am destroyed and need to begin again.
Wanting or not, this is one of the best IBs i ever used, not even being on my own language, and i believe some of you could have passed the same strugles, how do I fix myself? From the 0%.
How do I get the will to live again? I cant find not even a single ideology to get me through it all, as I lost hope in my country and politics in this century.
Any book that could help me? I even tried making a routine.
Maybe i should just force myself into something.


File: ggddg.gif (626.79 KB, 392x248) ImgOpsiqdb

626.79 KB
Muchas personas te dirán que todos deberían vivir sin adicciones pero la verdad de eso es que es muy dificultoso e hipócrita teniendo en cuenta que la mayoría de personas que te digan eso seguramente son adictas a algo sin darse cuenta o pensando que lo que hacen no es una adicción (se puede ser adicto a muchas cosas, no solo a drogas).
Para los desesperados siempre es mejor cambiar una adicción por otra menos dañina hasta que quizás logres quedarte sin adicciones.


File: ClipboardImage.png (15.84 KB, 438x113) ImgOpsiqdb

15.84 KB
>maybe i should just force myself into something.
That's what i usually do in that situation, i just make a routine who needs little or no effort to follow.
Use reading as your main source of entertainment, trying to read books that can add something to you, but at the same time it needs to be enjoyable to read. (i personally recommend reading "Origins: Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution")
now, talking about your addiction, i think that the easiest way is replacing it with another addiction.


Haz un horario estricto que te mantenga extremadamente ocupado (usa TimeTune para organizarlo) haz mucho ejercicio y lee, pero primero identifica bien a que horas caes y tus factores de riesgo.

Pero tienes que ser muy fuerte


es fácil si dejas el porno pero continuas masturbándote sera un buen primer paso , por que te apuesto que te tardas mas en buscar con que vídeos tocarte que en hacerlo
deja los videojuegos por un tiempo y el pc úsalo cuando sea estrictamente necesario( eso también te debe estar quitando mucho tiempo )


Boys, gonna report more later, pretty nice, hatred is unironically one of the best fuels for willpower out there.


La dificultad que se presenta a menudo para distinguir entre hábito compulsivo, vicio y adicción clínica no me parece suficiente para aplicar tu sugerencia disparatada de sacar un mal hábito con otro. Aparte da la impresión de que buscas trivializar un desorden y las consecuencias que puede tener para la salud propia y estabilidad de su círculo social cuando alguien se sale de control, dejando terreno apto para la evasión con frases como "ay vamos, pero tu fumas y mientes a tu pareja", "no te desprendes del móvil en todo el día", "todos vamos a morir tarde o temprano", "que me dirá a mí si su hijo se mete pepas hasta por las orejas…" Al margen de los problemas ajenos, a todos nos molesta la moralina social pero al final del día eres lo que haces, no las excusas que pones.


Ok boys, so today, I cleared my mind, after I made this post, went outside, stood in complete silence in a chair, thought about life, past, future, but then, the present.
Saw how fucked up I am, so fucked, that I found a damn mice in my room, god, I went so shit, had it all this year.
But this is a new beginning, learnt a lot about suffering, the mentality of 21st century and people in our society.
The problem isnt all these things, the only problem now, is me, being an unsufferable faggot that just gave up.
We all have addictions, but some people use the word habit to it, even the morning coffee can be one if you think properly.
The problem with pornography and masturbation, that its basically a button where you can spend all your life pressing, because it releases the chemical that makes everything matter, dopamine.
Gonna start doing exercises and really force myself to do my shit, tomorrow gonna clean my house, it will be a long week too, as i will fix my garden that looks like fucking Amazon, then get into some books, fix my mind slowly, I was a great coder, had to will to it, I will achieve that again.
Also stop listening to sad music.
I kinda need too force myself, or I will fail everything and lose more, but yeah, will take it easy in the beginning, now, to the my old habits, of cold showers and calisthenics.
Thanks, will download that book, give it a try.
Gonna replace my addiction with exercises, I remember it did fix my brainfog, as in that mind state, you just fall for anything easy and pleasurable, like masturbation.
Gonna be strong, I fucking promise for myself, and you all too.
I dont play any games as I wont install the botnet of Steam in my PC, but, the problem is I am addicted to IBs, constant information, all I wish is my work, studies and even the books I read, didn't involve technology.

I got so fucked by this year, that even in my main language, my grammar got shitty, and I always was that one who wrote so damn well since as a kid, but yeah, this shit will pass, Lain and this IB will help me.

I'm gonna find some resources to learn spanish after all my main things get organized, even if its slowly.


Pues ya inicia noviembre, puedes unirte al reto y aguantar el mes. Lo malo es que desde julio dejé de hacer ejercicio y no creo poder retomarlo hasta que acabe esta cuarentena o al menos llegue la primavera.


Not even calisthenics?


Tengo mis hábitos medio jodidos, a inicios de la pandemia pude ejercitarme a diario gracias a que lo hacía con familiares pero ahora estamos todos ocupados.


> dont play any games as I wont install the botnet of Steam in my PC, but, the problem is I am addicted to IBs, constant information, all I wish is my work, studies and even the books I read, didn't involve technology.
leave the ib's for a while , do your howmeworks in the pc and turn it off
for the first times try to not fap for two or three days for a cuple of times, then inrease gradually the amount of days these kind of things you have to treat them little by little , and if you couldnt keep need to touch yourself , don´t turn the pc on just use your imagination, belive me it wont talke you more than 5 minutes


Andrea Doria
Well waiyados, I lost the no PMO today, but I am not feeling bad, Why? I cleaned my entire house, from my room to my yard, also installed blokada on my cellphone, got all the porn domains blocked.
After months without taking little to no sun, while cleaning my yard, I felt it, my skin was literally being pinched because of the sun, felt like needles, I endured it and it stopped after a while, but damn, it was hell, when my life was normal before, sun never did it to me, even having a very sensitive skin, as I am very pale, i am ascendant of ukrainians, and living in a tropical country with such sensitive skin is harsh, I'm going to buy sunscreen, because I intend to stay more in the sun, I need it.
Now, after today, I hope wont lose it anymore, and also gonna put a limit on the time I spend on IBs, maximum of two hours a day, probably half of it here.

I saw how deep in shit I was, but even if its the first day, I am feeling good, the next objectives will be to cut at least 75% of the sugar and exercices, thats it.


I think it would be really cool having a thread focused on nofap.
I think that even if you stop masturbating the sex urges will not vanish. Maybe castration can be a good option, but i don't think that any surgeon would do it without a clinical condition.


File: ClipboardImage.png (470 KB, 800x600) ImgOpsiqdb

470 KB
I've just finished my workout, it feels like a pretty good method to control the masturbation urges, sleeping less also seems to make it too.


Self improvement thread? This is one, lets do it.


That's some real shit. Fapping and sex just makes you look more like a neanderthal or a chimp, if u want to focus on things that'll really make you better, then you'll need to avoid the most primitive aspects of the human nature, like reproduction.

I officially declare NOFAP_4_LAIN. (pls don't take it in the ambiguous way)


File: 1604346768180.gif (275.21 KB, 428x312) ImgOpsiqdb

275.21 KB
I am thinking of trying mushrooms, I can buy 6 grams, as its legal in my country, had experience with dissociatives and deliriants before, but years ago on high doses and all went well.
But psilocin is another things, its 110 BRL and completely legal to buy here, I would do it alone and see if the experience can show me new pathways on my limited counsciousness, I would like the waiyados opinions on that, you ever had an experience?


Also, just to advise, I know 6 grams is an heroic dose, ive been thinking to only take 5, or take 3, maybe 4.
But I believe the ideal would be the entire 6 grams in 6 hours per 3 gram.


File: ClipboardImage.png (52.88 KB, 222x227) ImgOpsiqdb

52.88 KB
As far as i know, mushrooms are not exactly legal, we just don't have any law regarding to it.

I never took mushrooms, so my only advice is to not complain too much about the dosage, even high dosages will not make any harm ( search for a video entitled "MUSHROOMS SAVED MY LIFE" by Bobby's Perspective ).


File: 1604271924127.gif (9.93 KB, 400x400) ImgOpsiqdb

9.93 KB
Question for english speaking friends: Why do you post here? You know there's lainchan, right? it's way better and more active than this joint. Not trying to be rude here.



Also, can u make a trip report? I was thinking about taking PsiloSíbe Cubensis too and it should be of help.
The only reason that i'm afraid of it is because i have a lot of depersonalization episodes, so i become concerned about it making some damage to my mental health.



Lainchan is too much focused on /tech/ things, here we can have a more "normal" conversation.


Lainchan is full of censorship and political bias.


The law says if its for religious matters, it can be used, lol.
Of course I will.

And more, I know this can be offensive for some, but thats internet.
I spoke to an admin that is a tranny and literally said that has a political bias, dude, you can even get banned for speaking against korean culture, just see /q/ and you will see the amount of anons mad.
Lainchan is dead and basically, for me, its a shadow of its former self, its only useful to get the content already dumped there many years ago.
Appleman is the worst fucking admin in existance and the mentally ill mods/admins are helping kill it with political bias and rules out of their ass.


We are mainly brazilians, the reinchan admin told about here. The thing is that reinchan is good and has quality, but too hardcore, some anons there just want to see the world burn, here its chill and calm.


Sorry boys, it will be a temporary block on my hosts file.


So, I just bought 8 grams, just gotta wait some days until it arrives, will consume only 5, at complete darkness and silence in my bedroom.


The mushrooms didnt arrive yet.
But damn boys, I feel more alive, got my phone shutdown and will probably remain off until another week.
I cleaned my entire house, entirely, change my room mobs, ate better, blocked pornography by hosts file level and even imageboards and forums, just removed the IBs now, as I feel in control now, these days I even felt the urges to do exercises.
Definitely gonna spend way less time on my cellphone or even forums at all, internet can become hell sometimes, but i guess i fell on this hellhole because of circumstances of this year.
Thank you all and yes, I will trip report and take pics of the shrooms when they arrive, I will only take 3 grams tbh.


File: ClipboardImage.png (387.92 KB, 340x498) ImgOpsiqdb

387.92 KB
In my opinion the most difficult thing is avoiding IBs and procrastination, and my caffeine intake just make things worse. I'm trying to make my responsibilities fun, so it becomes easier to deal with it.
Also, i'm waiting for your trip report. Be cautious taking it at complete darkness can lead you to a bad trip.


I think im gonna listen to some music, let some leds around my room open, not gonna risk it too much, but well, maybe on december or january I can really do 5 grams on darkness, we will see.


File: hmmmmmmmmmm.jpg (9.88 KB, 243x249) ImgOpsiqdb

9.88 KB
Los hongos llegaron, 8 gramos, pero perdí dos allí en la tarde mientras empacaba mis cosas, simplemente desaparecieron, cualquier día pienso, que si mi perro no toma drogas, creo que a las 10:00 tomaré +- 3 gramos


File: 02ebdcfc74cd4d22c368ec5666c5….jpg (858.52 KB, 2000x4000) ImgOpsiqdb

858.52 KB
Here it is.


God, it tastes like fucking wood


So, at the moment, I only ate 2 grams, 23:00 i will eat another if i feel its going good.


File: 1589913058464.gif (227.69 KB, 560x315) ImgOpsiqdb

227.69 KB
Have a good trip, lain. Your stomach will inevitably hurt, make ginger tea if you can.


Ok, I ate 4, at maximum is my body feeling funny, music sounding good.
But i am very damn light headed.


You know, this is funny, but if i say i got ripped off, I probably will fly away to space.


I cant describe, music, fuck god, my bathroom door looked like a piece of the space dripping down very slowly


Its incredible to think, that the OP was me.
Its beautiful boys, legit, the introspection, everything.


ok, I am 6 grams.


It was pretty deep, i cried sometimes
Time was something very slow while om it, and well, at first i thought I was ripped off, minutes laster I was blasted.
I unironically, feel more alive, part of this world, saw I was wasting a lot of time, saw the hatred i felt for dumb reasons.
Its hard to explain, but I am sure it helped me, I feel more capable.


So, I just translated what I told at reinchan, maybe some words are broken.

There is a meme in luso chans, that if you eat mushrooms, you become gay, like an anon that did it.

Así que no me convertiré en maricón, pero el sábado, dormí 16 horas o más seguidas.
Honestamente, reflexioné tanto, que recordé recuerdos de cuando tenía 5 malditos años,
No, conmigo los fractales no es algo que pase todo el tiempo, pero mi cerebro altera totalmente la percepción de la realidad, salí y parecía que estaba nevando, eran alrededor de las 04:30 o 05:00, mi jardín parecía el Amazonas, cada planta realmente parecía ser un ser que estaba allí y sentía todo.
Recuerdo haber caminado por los pasillos de mi casa hasta que llegué al sofá y comencé a observar las paredes, parecían estar hechas de caramelo, no sé cómo explicarlo, pero parecían.
Me di cuenta de que iba a ser un puto viaje, cuando fui al baño y empecé a observar mi puerta, que tiene una textura muy rústica, las bolitas y el patrón lleno de arañazos empezaron a derretirse, parecía un puto trozo de espacio que se derretía lentamente, estuve unos 30 minutos observando y me quedé asombrado.
Después de eso, todavía sentado en el jarrón del baño, abrí la puerta y el pasillo hacia mi cocina parecía haberse extendido unos 6 metros, la pared se convirtió en una obra de arte uniforme y casi infinita.
La canción, amigo mío, "Day of the Lords" de JD, parecía de otro mundo, Ian Curtis parecía cantarme, los tambores estaban de mi lado.
Recuerdo haber escrito aquí, que cada canción sonaba como una isla, que me teletransportaron, y que reflejado incluso en las alucinaciones, hubo una hora en la que empezaron a sonar las ventanas96 y las paredes tomaron el patrón de textura de uno de los álbumes.
Es increíble, cada vez que tomo algún psicodélico, algunas cosas toman la textura de los cráneos o los ojos, no me molesta, pero es realmente interesante, esta vez las que prevalecieron fue un efecto VHS, variando entre el púrpura y el blanco en ciertas partes de mi habitación.
También estaba la introspección masiva, creo que obtuve respuestas a tantas cosas que estaban en mi cara, preocupada por cosas tan inútiles, guardaba rencor a cosas que han sido tan largas, ni siquiera tenía ganas de ceder a mis vicios, cuidar mi entorno, mis cosas, parece tan natural y divertido de hacer, me siento más parte de este mundo.

También hubo una muerte del ego, algo que me frenó mucho en el viaje, hasta que decidí soltarme y postear aquí, "abrazo", me arrojaron al limbo, en la oscuridad, pero no sentí ninguna desesperación, fue entonces cuando empezó a llover sobre todo lo que se podía sentir en el mundo.

Es muy difícil de explicar, los minutos parecían días, el tacto, el gusto, todo parecía diferente, sentía mis poros, mis piernas eran como arañas.

Pero te diré algo, no tomes 6 gramos de inmediato, estoy loco y también con experiencia, sé cómo lidiar cuando tal vez algo sucede durante el viaje, sé cómo mantener la calma y mantenerme centrado, es incluso raro que me pase un mal viaje, y si sucede, no es desesperado, al final, aprendo algo o descubro lo que debo corregir.

Sé que en unos pocos días e incluso meses, todavía reflexionaré mucho y encontraré otras respuestas.


Starting Again
I won, Brazilian Army Officer, fit, a fucking god, god bless wired-7.
>block all imageboards on hosts file
>delete browser, youtube
Useless shit in general, that makes you lose time
>get a bird or something to take care
No joke
>get fit
>get religious or use something that remembers you about innocency or discipline
Unironically Lain helped me, and catholicism too
Theres hope, but it depends on you, hatred is a good beginning fuel, go on.
I won, goodbye, god bless this site.


Ok not an officer, but becoming one, just 4 years of damn graduation now.
And also, delete the browser on your phone, but adapt it to your work, become minimalist.


い〜やい〜やい〜や / Neru & z’5(cover) - Eve×Sou
En mi experiencia, si querés cambiar algo simplemente lo haces, el preguntar en un tablón que puedo hacer para dejar de ser flojo, ser más productivo o lo que sea simplemente es un gesto que hace uno para pretender que está intentando "cambiar" pero bueno, mi experiencia no es la única valida, así que espero puedas progresar en lo que te propongas

Todo este tema me recordó está canción


Buenísima esa canción


File: 453697.jpg (154.51 KB, 800x450) ImgOpsiqdb

154.51 KB
Ya, de hecho lo volví a escuchar y me golpeó fuerte, es bastante útil para darte una cachetada de realidad


There is no escape.
But seriously, you were a well-balanced person and you can't think of how to get out of a bad situation that has merely lasted for a year?


File: yomika.png (231.6 KB, 480x640) ImgOpsiqdb

231.6 KB
Yo consideraría buscar o encontrar un hobbie nuevo, ya sea aprender a dibujar, tocar un instrumento, programar, cocinar, escribir, etc. Puede servirte como un buen distractor, no importa si eres bueno o malo, lo importante es comenzar e ir mejorando para ver nuevos resultados.

aliás, sejam bem vindos waiyados brasileiros, espero que vocês aproveitem sua estadia neste Imageboard, eu sou um waiyado gringo interessado e aprendendo a lingua portuguesa.

Ah el buen NeruP con sus canciones depresivas pero con melodía alegre, nunca cambia.


No me llames frijolero mr puñetero


perdón way, pero… ¿exactamente a quien le hablas? o bueno, en este caso sería escribir, en definitiva la idea se entiende.


Es de una canción antiyankees, aunque el otro wai es brasileño


Good luck buddy i hope you can do it

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