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Hi, I learn Spanish (Castellano). I checked almost all imageboards from some lists and found that Wired-7 has really the most online users. Am I right? Maybe there are more IBs or smth like that? Hispachan looks dead. Hispasexy is not for me (I try to learn language).


Why in the name of jesus the lord would you want to do that? What's your first language? Also most of our ibs are the worst cesspools on the internet so be very careful. I'd say stay here or look for traditional forums.


The first language is Russian. To your question - I find imageboards to be a rather convenient and enjoyable source of conversational vocabulary and internet lexicon. Among other things, next year I'm going to apply to a master's program and one of the main options is Comparative literature with a Spanish literature major. I love Latin American prose and Spanish poetry, but if I'm going to work with it professionally, of course, I need to know the language as it really is, not as it is presented to me by stale textbooks and courses with template phrases.

Please, would you name some forums that are good enough?

About "the worst cesspools", yeah, most of all imageboards are cesspools, but anyway I learned English ONLY reading 4chan (at their finest time), IRC and reddit (I did bad in English in school because I thought it is useless and tried to skip every time, I was typical stupid schoolboy). Now I really enjoy study Spanish, so maybe it's the time to read anything funny and out of scope.


>I need to know the language as it really is
That's the thing, because most people around these places (for instance hispachan users) try very hard to imitate what they see on 4chan so their language is far from representative of real Spanish. I think you would be better off watching youtube videos for Spanish learners and stuff you can enjoy, like ASMR, anime or whatever you like, then movies, tv shows and newscasts. Same for reading, start with illustrated books for children and comics and so on. You didn't say what's your current level so I'm assuming you're still a beginner?
>Please, would you name some forums that are good enough?
Uh, I haven't used forums since forever but I remember a couple from my old days. Grupos.emagister used to be pretty active and should have the kind of subjects you are into, like literature and philosophy. I also remember alasbarricadas.org which is a communist/anarchist forum.
>I learned English ONLY reading 4chan
Yeah I guess some people can learn that way. Not me, I learn the traditional way, with grammar books and dictionaries, at least at the beginning. Matter of fact I would love to learn Russian but everybody says the grammar is really really hard.


Thx lainon! I'm still a beginner, yes. I know maybe 500 words or less.

Uhhh, about content. I found that there are barely no good public torrent trackers and barely no dubbed anime in Spanish world. I really digged into and - maybe, and I hope I'm wrong - didn't found a lot of them. frozen-layer and unionfansub are great sources, but there are not so many dubs and most of them have zero seeders. What about peliculas and series - most of torrent websites are shit and even doesn't show me a number of seeders. Or doesn't include subtitles. At Russian torrent trackers is completely normal to include subs in original and Russian language. But when I download from Spanish torrent websites, I usually download just a movie and after that for about a half a hour I have to search for proper subs in the internet. Maybe you use other networks? Like you know ed2k or smth like that?


I'm afraid I have no answer. I mean English subs for English content makes sense because the whole world is learning English as a second language. We certainly produce content for foreign audiences but don't expect them to be learning Spanish. And ed2k is good only for comics. There's also movies there but the subs won't match the dialogs ofc.


Hey anon. As far as spanish imageboards go, this one and https://bienvenidoainternet.org/ are the most neutral. There are other ones like bandada.club and lolnada but they're either too focused on a particular country or just terrible. As far as old school forums go, forocoches is probably the most active. As far as anime goes, spanish dubs are few and far between and mostly for older titles.
You could try torrenting a movie/TV show in whatever tracker you get them from and look for spanish subtitles in https://subdivx.com/ (as of writing this the site seems to be down, but it usually works). Hope this helps.


For movies or series the people here use more sites like cuevana3 and see them online in the browser, there is almost no spanish content in torrents for that reason.

Many times these sites only have the content dubbed Spanish, but some things have spanish subtitles.


Thank you guys. I wrote some shell scripts to pull video files from some websites, if you need it - here they are. (They are bad written and use bashisms and jq, but anyways for me using mpv is better than "watch online" in browser)

Anime: https://c-v.sh/ledgyrayahs.sh
Movies: https://c-v.sh/tricornhelmsman.sh


Welcome to Wired-7, I hope you improve your Spanish and that you enjoy this IB. Lain loves you.


There you go, a webpage with dubbed anime (both from Spain and LATAM, mostly Mexico). Though the LATAM dubbed sometimes try to be "too" neutral to use as a reference of how mexicans really talk, and in modern ages they use memes that were famous around 2016-nowadays.
Anyways, spanish is a beautiful language, search also about the accent of each country or you will regret if you end up visiting Chile (for example) and only know the dialect from Spain. Good luck, Wai!

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