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Si señoras y señores,Guts se quedo huerfano otra vez.Y esto no es una fake new,es oficial


Descansa en paz,eres un grande Miura




Es una tristeza grande para los fans que aman la serie.


Posteo unos texto que encontré en 4chan sobre lo que parece una entrevista realizada a Miura. No conozco la salsa original, lo copio tal como está, en ingles, por si alguien desea buscar más información que tenga lo más original posible.

Miura "There is another workplace apart from here. I want to do the name alone, so I will cut the name at that house. This is a place to finish with all the assistants." Berserk "is from the character I usually draw the background by myself, and ask the assistant to paste the tone and the building. For episodes 1 and 2 of "Duruanki", I even put the name and draft. I left the pen insertion to the assistant. Is like an animation director, and it's my job to make corrections to match the quality at the end. "


Miura "I'm drawing with Comista. This tablet was just renewed a while ago, and I haven't messed with it yet."


Miura "PCs are for use at work and for watching Nico Nico videos while working."


Miura "I received it when I talked with Professor Tetsuo Hara. I was greatly influenced by" Fist of the North Star ", and one of the sources of infection of the disease I draw too much is" Fist of the North Star "(laughs). ) ”


Miura: "It's an anime DVD or Blu-ray that I've had for a long time. I think it's okay to watch it on a distribution service, but since it's a custom from before, I keep taking up space (laughs). It comes with a commercial, so I remember those days. "


Miura: There are three assistants working on the commute. There is one child in Sendai remotely. The reason why there is a work desk for seven people is that I just started remodeling because I started "Duruanki". However, the equipment is perfect, but if you can't find anyone like this, it's like Hyuma Hoshi's Christmas party … "


Miura "Taking the opportunity of the remodeling, all the assistant tablets have been renewed."


Miura "I think the assistant brought it to the material for drawing the forest. I don't have it, but I'm crazy."


Miura: "It's a material shelf that I often use. Paper materials have become much less important than in the past, so in this remodeling, I actually crushed the area that was a bookshelf and made it a space for assistants. You can put a desk for two people. "


Miura "This is a sailing ship used for Roderick. I asked the editor to look for it. I can't draw a sailing ship without a model. I don't know how to stretch the rope at all."

Es todo.


Era un verdadero maestro del dibujo, y pensar que hay personas que creen que los mejores no usan referencias o sea que dibujan todo de memoria.


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